Complete Anonymity via Solar Power

Solar Powered Privacy

Security and Sustainability have always been at the heart of everything we do as free men and women. Our quest to be secure in our persons, in our transactions, and in our environment has to always be at the forefront of everything that we do as a society. To this end I am reviving the Haven Project with the express idea of creating a secure and untraceable experience for any user who should wish one. This website will be slightly different than the previous version of the haven project as it will be a source for tutorials, articles on ways that open source computing can benefit you and ways that you can use open source software, specifically privacy software to enhance your life. It will also focus on ways in which solar power can be used to save money and help the environment.

Here is what I believe should be the goal of this project: essentially if you were stuck on a deserted island in the middle of the Atlantic and the only thing that survived was was your laptop and your charger – you should be able to get power, get signal and contact someone without the need for any other external source of energy or electricity. All of this would be powered by small solar panels and wireless technology so it would be similar to what you have here but with complete anonymity.

Essentially what I am conceiving is a perfectly mobile laptop energized via solar power, capable of being run at any destination on the globe with complete anonymity and ease of use. It would consume an extremely small amount of energy and would have a wide variety of uses.

I am going to be using Tor and Tails as a basis for the software along with a small array of 12 volt solar panels used to power the laptop.

You may be asking how does solar power apply to anonymity? No one can track the power that comes from the sun’s rays, therefore no one can tell where your taking power from and therefore you cannot be tracked by it.

*** You can read more about TOR and anonymity on the web by going here ***

Building with the environment in mind

We only get one Earth, let’s build like it

Have you ever been to a construction site, I would be willing to bet that a lot of people have not. The fact is that construction sites are dirty, unhealthy and usually violate numerous health and safety codes. In order so that we may save the earth and protect mankind I would like to propose some changes that all residential construction companies make that would make a huge difference in saving our environment. The fact is that most homes waste more energy than they save and many homes do not use the energy saving power of roof mounted 12 volt solar panels very well. Just an array of 20 or so of these Solar Panels could help you save drastically on your home energy costs.

How much does a set of Solar Panels cost anyway?

A set of ten 12 volt solar panels will only run you about $1000 bucks and you can install the Solar Panels in a roof mounted solar panel array or in a separate portable array mounting in the backyard. If you really wanted to save money you could also buy Solar Panels by the Pallet and save in bulk. Either way the possibilities of getting solar power to your home and saving hundred on your electric bills, while saving the environment are endless. You could hire any number of construction contractors and agencies who will also help you do the job more efficiently.

How mobile homes benefit most from Solar Power

Mobile home owners have a unique set of circumstances. I mean, let’s face it, they live in a poor neighborhood surrounded by other folks who are usually struggling to make it as well. The fact is that these folks need to pinch every penny and would benefit most from a well placed solar panel array. The fact is that every mobile home owner who is thinking about upgrading and repairing their mobile home should consider having Solar Panels placed on top of the roof of said home. This would provide invaluable savings over the years and would even help keep the home cool in the dead of summer.

In any event a well thought out solar strategy could end up helping people save money and could also assist them in their fight to be better denizens of the planet.