Solar Power and Privacy

What is this about?

The haven project is the idea that we should all have unlimited access to the 21st marvel known as the internet without fear of reprisal and without the government (or other entities) looking over our shoulders as we do it. In addition to the main stated goal of the project I am also going to use this forum to provide article regarding Solar Power, Sustainable and responsible building practices and much, much more. What I am setting out to do is what the original founders of the Haven Project sought to do when they first started the Haven Project – provide anonymous internet to all who should want to receive it

A forum for change.

In short, I am going to provide a “Haven” for people who want privacy while simultaneously educating them on the dangers of Global Warming, Sustainable Building Practices and Computing and IT Resource savings.

By utilizing solar power to power our laptops we could substantially lower our households energy bill by up to $400+ per year while simultaneously striking a blow toward Global Warming.

It all comes down to: personal freedom and solar power

What this all means is that I believe that the same people who are shouting for privacy on the internet are same ones who believe that mankind should have better resources for energy than 65-million year old Dinosaur remains! The sun is a lot older and can provide a much longer lasting supply of power.

The fact is that we waste so much power by just leaving our computers on all day long that we could power a small village in Africa for what we waste. The fact of the matter is that we need better and more sustainable power such as that provided by the sun’s light.

If we could change our thinking and way of doing things so that we could then make sure that our children and our grandchildren are properly taken care of for the next 100 or even a thousand years then all of the talk about a sustainable future would not be in vain because we would have that future.