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Saving the Environment with Less Paper Jams

Keep your printers humming to help the environment.

While this site is mostly about utilizing Solar Panels for power and providing anonymity on the Internet, it is also about acts of caring for the environment. One such act that can be done is to utilize recycled paper for printers.

One promise that I remember from the dawn of the current Computer age (yes, I am dating myself a little here) is the promise that we would live in a world with less paper because all of the worlds data would be stored on hard drives somewhere on the net. Fast forward to the current time and more paper is created now, it seems, than ever before. Of course we know that utilizing recycled printer paper can help.

Here are three more things you can do to help your printers run smoothly and help reduce the size of our landfills.

Step One: Utilize brands that help the environment such as Brother and Samsung printers. By utilizing good reliable manufacturers you can have a head start right out of the gate. Nationally recognized reliable printer manufacturers test their printers to make sure that they are running smoothly even before they leave the factory, therefore you are assured a quality product that has few mechanical failures even before you buy it.

Step Two: Keep all of your imaging devices in good repair. By keeping up on printer repairs and regular maintenance you can save hundreds in toner usage and paper usage. This in turn will create a better experience for your employees. Keeping your devices in good working order is always recommended especially when it comes to devices that can consume massive amounts of electricity and solid paper waste. Your toner, paper and all of your old hard drives should always be handled with care to make sure that you are taking the proper precautions for their removal.

Step Three: Utilize a company such as American Servco to handle all of your printer repair needs and services. Being in IT for almost two decades has taught me that having a great team is almost more important than having great knowledge. You can have the best knowledge in the world but if you cannot be everywhere at once then that knowledge becomes a moot point. Having a company such as American Servco Imaging Systems by your side can help when you are fixing a virus issue over at one desk, have to replace a computer at another desk and have a fax machine issue at another desk entirely. Companies like this provide contractual support for a very small fee every month and can help your machines in good working order.

Well there you have, probably my biggest post so far. Remember this site is as much about the environment as it is about “going off grid”;)