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Solar Powered Laptop

Building the perfect solar powered privacy driven laptop

When I started this site I believed I would have to start manufacturing the laptop’s I wanted from scratch, get manufacturers to design them, etc. Recently however I have decided to change my position on this and I found the perfect company for this: Solaptops.

The fact that there is a company out there that is designing portable solar laptops, placing open source software on them and designing them to be used in rugged terrain. Because this machine comes preloaded with Ubuntu I seriously cannot see any issues with utilizing this device with stock Tails or even my own forthcoming Haven Project Blend.

I will be ordering one of these shortly (God bless tax returns) and I will be reviewing it on the site. I cannot wait to work with this thing in action.

I still have some questions though and I will be addressing these with the people at the Sol corporation:

1. What type of built in Charge Controllers does this device utilize. How do I know if I am going to burn out the batteries OR WORSE the motherboard.

2. This thing looks like it was built for war, will it stop a bullet? Just kidding, seriously though how rugged is this thing?

3. What type of warranty does it have.

Well that’s it folks. I have found the laptop that I wish to put my forthcoming newly “reblended” privacy off the grid laptop on. I cannot wait for the fun I am going to have doing it. This is going to be an epic project and I will let you guys know when it is ready so that I can show it off. Until then, thanks for reading this blog/project incubator and please make sure to refer me to your friends. Good luck and good night.

UPDATE 2016: It is with a sad heart that I have to abandon this project. Unfortunately making a living and family obligations have taken first priority. I will still be writing articles for this site and will probably be giving it an upgrade in the very near future. Thank you all for visiting my site and please do not let this bad news stop you from coming back.

For an alternative please go to: http://store.solaptop.com/ and https://tails.boum.org/